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Thank you for requesting more information on Remote Influencing. No, you're not going to be referred to some fancy website, or receiving some long sales letter asking you for a lot of money. Nor are you going to be receiving daily blasts from some autoresponder trying to sell on these techniques. I prefer the personal touch because this is a very personal matter that is very important to you and should be handled that way. That is why you will be dealing with me personally concerning the concepts, techniques and applications of Remote Influencing.

Remote Influencing will allow you to perform exploits that until now you may have thought were impossible. These techniques will allow you to influence people without their knowledge. You will learn to cultivate and use the fantastic possibilities that are dormant within each of us. The techniques of Remote Influencing will allow you perform remarkable feats that you would have nevered believed possible. By using Remote Influencing, you will soon see your life literally transformed, becoming more enjoyable with each passing day. You will also see your deepest wishes some true, even those you have had for many years and thought would never be realized. You will astonished to see yourself performing so many marvels and find them easier to accomplish each day. Remote Influencing will allow you to realize the amazing possibilities locked within you.

My name is Bruce A. Perras. I am a Certified and Registered Hypnotherapist who has worked in the fields of Behavior Modification and Mind Control since 1969. Most of what I have learned over the years did not come from some book, but rather through daily application of these Remote Influencing techniques that have brought about amazing results for my clients.

So what is Remote Influencing exactly? Remote Influencing is the process of putting thoughts and programs into the mind of any individual, regardless of where they are, without their knowledge, and have then act on those thoughts thinking that they are their own thoughts and having them make the decisions that you want them to make. Remote Influencing can be used to gain sex, love, money, power, or whatever you want.

How is this done? I am going to help and guide you in reaching the proper state of mind to do Remote Influencing. We will begin by having you take a few deep breaths to start the process. I will then have you release different muscle groups from the top of you head to the tips of your toes to allow you to relax more deeply. Then I will use Guided Imagery, which is your mind thinking in pictures to take you even deeper into relaxation. When you enter the deeper levels of your mind through the use of my Progressive Relaxation Techniques, you will then be able to connect to the mind of anyone regardless of where they are, or what they are doing at the present time. When you are in this altered state of awareness, it safely alters your brain activity so that time and space DO NOT MATTER. In other words, it does not matter where the person you want to influence is, or what they are doing, you can reach their mind and put thoughts into their mind so that they will act on them, always thinking that the thoughts you are sending them are their very own.

Your next question may be how do you accomplish this?. First off, I will do this for you in order to get you stated. I will record a special personalized CD, or audio cassette tape for you just as I would if you were a client that was physically there with me in my office in Las Vegas based on the information that you will give me regarding what you want to accomplish through Remote Influencing. I will formulate the thoughts, or commands that you will be sending to the individual whom you want to influence. All you will have to do is listen to this cassette tape, or CD in the comfort of your own home. When you do this, you will be able to establish contact with the mind of this individual so that you can do the Remote Influencing on a daily basis until you get the desired results. I will also show you how you can take a common everyday device and turn it into A Mind Manipulation Machine which will be sending this individual the thoughts that you want to project to them 24/7 for faster results. This will work for you when you are not doing the Remote Influencing yourself. It's very powerful and will help you reach your goal of influencing your target individual more quickly.

I'm sure that you may have many questions and I will be more than happy to answer all of them for. I am here for you to assist you in any way I can in reaching your goals with Remote Influencing. Your most important question may be the price. The price is only a $99 donation for my work which is a very small price to pay to start seeing miracles in your life. By applying the principles of Remote Influencing, you will begin to see your dreams come true. You will start getting all that you want out of life. You will begin to see marvels that will never cease to amaze you.


Send an email to with the words R.I. ORDER on the subject line and I will email you an order form to complete. There will be a place for you to tell me about who you want to influence so that I can formulate the proper thought/command that you will be sending to the target individual. You will also be given the choice of having me record your personalized Remote Influencing session on an audio cassette tape, or CD. When I receive your order I will notify you by email. I will record your personalized Remote Influencing session within 1-2 days of receiving your order. I will notify you by email again when I ship your session to you by First Class Mail.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer them. I want you to order your personalized Remote Influencing session with confidence.



Bruce A. Perras